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Rams vs. Cardinals: Steven Jackson's fantasy renaissance figures to continue without Amendola

The St. Louis Rams will have to go to Steven Jackson even more often without Danny Amendola.

Dilip Vishwanat

After an early season lull and some midseason trade rumors the St. Louis Rams have finally gone back to Steven Jackson, and the results, over the last two weeks, have been--pretty good! Against the San Francisco 49ers Jackson broke 100 yards for the first time all season, and against the New York Jets last Sunday, before things went sour and the Rams were forced into the air, Jackson looked set for another big performance. (He finished with 81 yards on just 13 carries.)

While things in St. Louis continue to degenerate, fantasy football fans worried about a dalliance with Daryl Richardson have been set straight: Steven Jackson is the only functioning piece of the Rams offense, and the Rams appear to realize that. And with Danny Amendola doubtful against the Arizona Cardinals, that's likely to continue for a third game in a row.

Nobody has any idea what next year means for the Rams and for Jackson. But for the next few weeks, expect their relationship to be vintage, right down to all the losing and discomfort.