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Danny Amendola injury situation climaxes with Willis Reed-style 38-yard catch in St. Louis Rams win

The St. Louis Rams got one catch from Danny Amendola after he came back from a doubtful injury-report designation, but it was a big one.

Christian Petersen

The St. Louis Rams only got one catch out of maybe-injury-prone Danny Amendola on Sunday, and they beat the Arizona Cardinals after a rough start, so the tongue-in-cheek Willis Reed comparisons are pretty understandable. But while they only targeted Amendola once, it was for 38 yards, and it came at a moment in the game when it seemed like Sam Bradford and the Rams' offense couldn't get a first down with 11 hobbled Willis Reeds playing defense.

The star of the Rams' passing game was absolutely Chris Givens, who crossed 100 yards and caught six passes as Amendola's replacement. But Amendola's one appearance, in which he diligently limped downfield to catch a deep ball and save Sam Bradford's passer rating, showed just how important he is to the Rams' offense as it exists now. I don't know that the Rams will be able to rely on Amendola indefinitely, given how often his health has been in doubt, but his cameo in Week 12 helped bring a win now together.

So thanks, Danny Amendola. It's a shame that the Rams aren't the Knicks, but I'm glad you were Willis Reed anyway.