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St. Louis Rams' Chris Givens tops all wide receivers for Week 12

The St. Louis Rams' Chris Givens was the most valuable wide receiver of Week 12, according to the Football Outsiders' DYAR.

Christian Petersen

It's probably not a stat your fantasy football league tracks, but St. Louis Rams fans should be impressed that Chris Givens topped all wide receivers in Football Outsiders' DYAR over Week 12, putting together one of the top performances of any Rams receiver all year in the course of catching five passes for 115 yards and a touchdown.

What won the day for Givens? Efficiency, if I had to guess. Givens gained his 115 yards on just six targets, meaning the Rams averaged 19.1 yards every time they looked in his direction. All five of his completions went for a first down, two of them converted third downs, and one of them scored six points. Like Bradford, who completed just seven passes overall, Givens was not padding his stats with short tosses. Unlike Bradford, he wasn't holding the Rams back with wasted downs, either.

Danny Amendola received one target and played just seven snaps, so it's easy to see Givens's numbers declining in subsequent weeks as the Rams' top receiver returns to action full-time. But given all he's shown this year—he's averaging a ridiculous 21 yards per reception—it's hard to see him falling past Brandon Gibson on the depth chart next week. Givens has arrived, and he's the Rams' most dynamic wide receiver... well, since they were known for dynamic wide receivers.