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NFL Week 9 byes: Fantasy 49ers owners are out luck; Danny Amendola sits once more

Week 9's NFL byes affect owners of the San Francisco 49ers' potent skill players and anybody in a PPR league who's waiting for Danny Amendola to finally coming back.

Jamie McDonald

Week 9 begins in earnest around the NFL on Sunday, and fantasy football owners reliant on San Francisco 49ers skill players are—well, they're out of luck, thanks to the Niners' bye week. If you own Vernon Davis, this is the terrifying week in which you try to remember the name of your backup tight end. Meanwhile, point-per-reception junkies waiting for their long-delayed Danny Amendola fix will be cheered to know he's probably healthy but depressed to learn they won't get him back, catching four-yard emergency dump-offs, until next Sunday, as the St. Louis Rams have the day off.

Outside the NFC West, owners of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady will be brutalized by the New England Patriots' chance to recover from their triumphant London visit, and all of us will have the exquisite pleasure of not having to hear about Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, or any other member of the New York Jets.

They'll all be back next week, but for now—well, for now, good luck with that backup tight end. Nothing puts you more in touch with the NFL's also-rans and ran-onces than a bye week that takes out more than two of your fantasy starters. (Me? Gronk, Amendola, the Pats defense, and the immortal Greg Zuerlein. It's going to be a rough one.)