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Rob Gronkowski, Vernon Davis's Week 9 byes leave fantasy football tight ends at waiver wire premium

If your fantasy football offense is run through a big tight end, Week 9 might end up being a bye week for you as well as Rob Gronkowski and Vernon Davis. Who can you pluck from the waiver wire?

Otto Greule Jr

Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and Vernon Davis all have Week 9 byes, which means that if you or someone you know on fantasy-football-intimate terms are heavily reliant on a big tight end to run your pretend offense you are probably very familiar with the tight ends in your league's waiver wire. So—who did you go with?

As a Gronk owner, I'll go first. I'm left with Dallas Clark, who is at least coming off his two best weeks of the season—eight balls for 91 yards and a touchdown, or a typical Rob Gronkowski week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are consciously trying to involve him in the offense more than they have, so while I'm not super excited about my backup choice I feel like I've at least been forced to start him at the right moment.

KFFL, meanwhile, looks to Greg Olsen to top up fantasy owners jonesing for some tight end points. He's not available in my league, and to be honest I'm happy about that—as a DeAngelo Williams owner I've waited more than long enough for the Carolina Panthers' offense to turn things around, and I'd hate to have to do it again. But they make a compelling-enough case.

Were you as panicked this week as I was? Who did you go with?