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Danny Amendola injury shouldn't be an issue for St. Louis Rams in Week 10

Danny Amendola nearly came back for the St. Louis Rams' Week 8 game in London, so it's hard to see his injury woes continuing through Week 10 at San Francisco.


I want to say we'll know more about the Danny Amendola injury following St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher's first press conferences of Week 10, but—well, they're Jeff Fisher press conferences. His goal is to let us know as little as we possibly can, and less than we knew before if he can help it. So Danny Amendola might be a game-time decision, at least in name. We might not know for sure whether he's playing until the moment they take the field against the San Francisco 49ers.

But we can guess, at least, that if he was a game-time decision in Week 8, well ahead of schedule, he's likely to start in Week 10. Rams fans and people in points-per-reception fantasy football leagues are going to have to be satisfied with speculation like that for as long as Jeff Fisher is the Rams' head coach.

If it's any consolation, Danny Amendola himself says he'll "absolutely" play. But last year's dislocated-elbow saga (do not Google Image Search Danny Amendola dislocated elbow, for your own sake) is reason enough to be skeptical of anything Amendola says about his own body—he wanted to start practicing again immediately after it happened, but he ended up missing the rest of the season.