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NFL Mock Draft 2013: The St. Louis Rams' obvious needs strike again

The St. Louis Rams have some obvious needs, and most 2013 NFL Mock Drafts are going to address them from now until April.

Ezra Shaw

It's not even 2012 yet, so I hate to break out the spoilers, but consider yourself alerted: Every 2013 NFL Mock Draft from now until the 2013 NFL Actual Draft will have the St. Louis Rams taking an offensive lineman or a wide receiver (or possibly, since they have a first-round draft pick from the Washington Redskins, both.) Todd McShay's latest was no exception, according to Turf Show Times--he granted the Rams, at picks 16 and 20, OT Eric Fisher and WR Keenan Allen.

Of course, this is all guess-work, since the Rams' draft picks are still moving targets--and so far they're mostly moving up, to the back half of the first round. That's the price of success, I guess. Where once the Rams were considered contenders in the race for the top OT and WR prospects, now they're starting to get the slightly dinged-up goods; Fisher's comments are more about what else the Rams could do than what he does, and Allen's comment begins "doesn't have elite top-end speed," which is the sort of thing they weren't pinning on Justin Blackmon until much later in the pretend-draft season.

For all that, though, Turf Show Times loves him. If the draftniks are undervaluing a good mid-first-round gamble, it could be that the Rams' tumbling draft positioning actually does them a favor.