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Danny Amendola injury: St. Louis Rams receiver practices again ahead of Vikings matchup

The St. Louis Rams watched Thursday as Danny Amendola practiced for a second day in a row. What does that mean as they move toward a crucial matchup with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday?

Christian Petersen

For the second day in a row, on Thursday, Danny Amendola practiced with the St. Louis Rams, and for the third week in a row the St. Louis Rams are left wondering whether they'll be able to rely on their top wide receiver on Sunday. I think the only way to address Amendola's foot injury, at this point, is to go week-by-week--to figure out just what's changed and stayed the same in this oddly stagnant part of the Rams' dynamic second-half as they face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 15.

Week 12: After playing through a foot injury against the Jets, Amendola rapidly becomes doubtful for the Rams' rematch with the Arizona Cardinals and doesn't practice all week. On Sunday he's inexplicably activated, but plays just seven snaps (and limps his way to a Willis Reed-ian 38-yard reception.)

Week 13: Against the 49ers, the same mid-week routine: Amendola's doubtful and doesn't practice. Then he's inexplicably not activated and plays zero snaps.

Week 14: Amendola finally sneaks onto the practice field, but is inactive again.

Week 15: Amendola practices twice in a row, and we completely give up on knowing when he'll be back until he's actually on the field, not limping and being targeted constantly by Sam Bradford. This is the closest Amendola's looked in a while, and after nearly a month of public poker-facedness the Rams seem vaguely encouraged by his progress.

But lord knows I'm not going to bet on it one way or another at this point.