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Danny Amendola is probable vs. Vikings, but how much will he play?

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Danny Amendola practiced at full speed ahead of the St. Louis Rams' Week 15 home finale against the Minnesota Vikings. But how much will he play?

David Welker

Friday the St. Louis Rams got some good Danny Amendola injury news for the first time since his inexplicable series against the Arizona Cardinals--not only did he practice, he practiced well enough to be listed as "probable" on the injury report for the Rams' matchup with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

If Amendola's likely to play on Sunday that answers one lingering question about the Rams' offense. But it asks another: Just how much will the Rams target him in his first full game back? I'm not sure we can know before gametime, but it's interesting to note that in Amendola's absence Sam Bradford seemed surprisingly adept at finding and targeting the right receiver for the moment.

If this last string of missed games was mostly Chris Givens's coming-out party, it was fascinating to watch Bradford return profitably to the forgotten Brandon Gibson once the Buffalo Bills began focusing as intently on Givens as he had. The result, then, might be that Bradford takes his newfound flexibility to an offense that finally has three credible receiving options and does something good with it.

He'll need to, on account of that Adrian Peterson guy. So even if Amendola isn't as busy as he was before, he'll play an important role in the Rams' evolving offense.