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Rams vs. Vikings score update: Minnesota leads 7-0 after 1st quarter

Minnesota has an early 7-0 lead after the first quarter over St. Louis.


There was only one touchdown scored in the first quarter, and it went to the Minnesota Vikings when starting quarterback Christian Ponder ran from five yards out for the lone touchdown in the game, and they lead the St. Louis Rams, 7-0.

The Vikings went down on their first drive for that Ponder touchdown. The drive was aided when they started at the Rams 45-yard line after they had to punt on their first possession. The Rams defense were able to hold Adrian Peterson to just minus three yards on the drive, but Ponder was able to pass the ball down the field to set up his touchdown run.

The Rams offense has been held in check for the first quarter, both of their drives resulted in punts, their first drive was a three-and-out. Their second drive was not much better as they went six plays, and for the first quarter the Rams earned only 36 yards of offense.