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Harvey Dahl injury: St. Louis Rams' O-line takes another hit

Only two teams have fewer rushing touchdowns than the St. Louis Rams.


A last-gasp effort for the St. Louis Rams to try to earn a spot in the playoffs got a little tougher Monday when an MRI confirmed that offensive lineman Harvey Dahl will miss the final two games due to a torn biceps muscle, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The injury will force Dahl to stay off the field for the first time since he signed with the Rams prior to the 2011 season. In the last two seasons, Dahl has started 30 games for the Rams and started 43 of a possible 48 games for the Falcons in the three seasons prior to that.

Finding rushing success has been difficult for the Rams in 2012, and the loss of the team's starting right guard will make the cause even tougher in the final two games. With only four through 14 games, only two teams have fewer rushing touchdowns.