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Rams vs. 49ers score update: Safety! St. Louis on the board 7-2 after stuffing Colin Kaepernick

The St. Louis Rams recover from an offensive near-miss with a safety on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

David Welker

Colin Kaepernick had just gotten the San Francisco 49ers off the goal-line, and the St. Louis Rams had just missed a fourth-and-goal scoring opportunity, their first all afternoon, so few expected the Rams' pass rush to chase Kaepernick all the way into the end zone again and force a safety when his pass failed to clear the line of scrimmage, at least according to the replacement-replacement referees. But these are the two teams that tied a few weeks ago, so that's exactly what happened, and the Rams trail by a score of 7-2.

Last week it was Janoris Jenkins's two pick-sixes; this week the Rams' defense hasn't been quite so prolific, but it has been the only thing keeping the Rams in the game against an even-tougher 49ers defense. After the Rams turned the ball over on downs near the 49ers' end zone, it stuffed Frank Gore twice before allowing a deflating first down to Kaepernick. But the Rams' defense went after him again, and chased him all the way back into the end zone.

Which is one way of scoring, I guess. For more score updates, fantasy football analysis, and other news from the Edward Jones Dome, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis.