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Marshawn Lynch is on a stellar run as Seattle Seahawks close season vs. Rams

Marshawn Lynch is in the middle of an oddly quiet career year as the Seattle Seahawks march into the NFL playoffs.

Marshawn Lynch and the Rams back on September 30.
Marshawn Lynch and the Rams back on September 30.
Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams got plenty of exposure to Marshawn Lynch at the peak of Beast-Mode-mania, so it might be a little surprising to fans who sit down to watch Week 17's matchup with the Seattle Seahawks to learn that Lynch is actually in the middle of the best season of his career right now. Lost in the shadow of Russell Wilson (and Adrian Peterson), Lynch is 10 yards from crossing 1500 rushing yards for the first time in his six NFL seasons. Why so quiet?

Well, it might just be that Lynch's titular Beast Mode run had the odd effect of making him a star before he actually had star credentials—so what's a breakout season now just looks like a player living up to his reputation, even though that reputation was built on YouTube views more than yards per carry.

Whoever's paying attention, it's impossible to discount the run Lynch is on heading into the Rams' date with the Seahawks. In his last three games he's carried the ball 47 times for 352 yards, or 7.5 yards per carry, with six touchdowns. According to the Football Outsiders, he's been the best running back in the league all three weeks, an extremely uncommon feat.