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Rams vs. Seahawks score update: Offenses stifled in quiet 1st quarter

The St. Louis Rams sacked Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks stuffed Steven Jackson. The result? A stagnant, scoreless 1st quarter.


The St.Louis Rams stopped the Seattle Seahawks' newly active offense in the first quarter of their Week 17 matchup--that's the good news. The bad news is that the Seahawks were equally effective in stuffing the Rams, leaving both teams scoreless through 15 minutes. Steven Jackson is still seven yards shy of 1,000 for the eighth straight season: He's got three carries for three yards so far.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, have put plenty of yards up, but sacks from Jo-Lonn Dunbar and William Hayes have kept Russell Wilson (4-for-4, 50 yards) and Marshawn Lynch (four carries, 27 yards) out of the end zone, though some extremely conservative play from the Seahawks helped them out on that score.

The Rams are playing for pride, a slightly worse draft pick, and the chance to say they finished over .500, for once, but so far that looks like enough for the defense. This is a winnable game, but the Rams' offense will have to come back to life before Lynch and Wilson finally break free; Sam Bradford will have to improve on his 3-for-5, 26-yard start. And as good as the defense has been, they might not have much time left.