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Steven Jackson crosses 1,000 yards for 8th consecutive season as St. Louis Rams play Seahawks

For the eighth consecutive season, the St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson has hit the most archetypal of all running back milestones.


It looked in doubt for most of the first half of the season, but Sunday, on the St. Louis Rams' first scoring drive against the Seattle Seahawks, Steven Jackson did it: He crossed 1,000 yards for the eighth consecutive season, joining a club that's as rare as it is consistent. Jackson needed just 10 yards in Week 17 for the feat, but it took him a quarter to do it; the Seahawks held him to three carries for three yards in the first.

But, as always, as Steven Jackson goes, so goes the Rams' offense. In the second quarter they scored, and he broke free for a 14-yard run on the way there, continuing a streak that began in his first full season, back in 2005. It's Jackson's second milestone of the second half; earlier he crossed 10,000 yards for his career, pushing his way into the Top 25 rushers in NFL history.

Jackson has proved, this year, that this isn't the end, either--despite his slow start, 2012 will go into the books looking a lot like 2011. But if this is the end of his career in St. Louis, he had one last trick prepared for the Rams faithful.