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Rams vs. Seahawks score update: St. Louis takes 10-6 lead in grinding Week 17 matchup

The St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks are locked in a defensive showdown through three quarters.

Kevin Casey

The St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks have actually chewed up a fair amount of yardage Sunday afternoon, but you'd be forgiven for looking at the 10-7 score and not seeing it. A hyper-conservative Rams offense, reminiscent of Sam Bradford's Pat Shurmur days, and a strong defensive effort from both sides has left the kickers on the field and the points off the board through three quarters, with the Rams narrowly on top.

Bradford's been doling his 2010-throwback array of short passes out to everybody, and not just usual suspect Danny Amendola, who's got four catches for 27 yards. Steven Jackson has five catches for 28 yards, while Daryl Richardson has two for 14 and Pettis has two for nine and a touchdown. Chris GIvens, with two receptions for 54 yards, has been the primary exception--and his 37-yarder, on the game's' lone touchdown drive, was a short pass he took downfield.

The defense, meanwhile, has given up 134 yards to Russell Wilson on 12 pass attempts, but they've also put him on the ground multiple times. It hasn't been fun to watch, then, but it's worked: The Rams lead the Seahawks 10-7 with 20 minutes of regular season football to go. It's frustrating that this would only be a moral victory, but it would be a moral victory.