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Adrian Peterson, over 160 yards, has Eric Dickerson in his sights as Vikings lead Packers

Adrian Peterson doesn't have much time left, but Eric Dickerson's all-time NFL rushing record is within his sights as the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings chase playoff berths.


The Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers have playoff considerations on the line on Sunday, but for (Los Angeles) Rams fans it's Adrian Peterson taking on Eric Dickerson's all-time rushing record that is the more pressing concern. Peterson needed 208 yards to break the record going into Week 17, and with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the Vikings ahead 34-27 he's got 26 carries for 159.

Dickerson ran the ball an incredible 379 times for his 2105 yards back in 1984, just the second season of his career. It was one of four times he ran the ball at least 370 times, and he was one of the few running backs in recent history who didn't break down almost immediately under the pressure. He was the Rams' all-time leading rusher until last year, when Steven Jackson finally put a St. Louis Ram on top of the list.

Peterson led the league in rushing once already, back in 2008, with just 1760 yards. Already the first to cross 2,000 yards since Chris Johnson in 2009, he's had a season for the ages. But he's got 10 minutes left to make history.