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Rams vs. Seahawks 2012: Roller coaster season ends

The Rams ended their roller coaster of a season with a roller coaster of a game.

Kevin Casey

St. Louis came very close to earning a win in their Week 17 game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but just fell short in the end as they ended their season with a 7-9 record, outside of the playoff picture. It was a close game, decided more by St. Louis penalties and mistakes than it was by Seattle's usually fiery offense. In the end, the Rams were on the wrong side of the scoreline, but there were plenty of moments that made it look like it could go either way.

Turf Show Times said that the final game of the season mirrored the season itself quite well, as both resembled a long and bumpy roller coaster ride:

The St. Louis Rams marched into Seattle, and just like in 2010 when the Rams had 7 wins hoping for an 8th, they lost. This game, which ended 13-20, had all the elements that the St. Louis Rams struggled and thrived with all season. There was a missed kick, penalty flags flying everywhere, the defense playing good and then letting up late,and the Rams offense not scoring 20 points again.

So just like the majority of this season, this game was a roller coaster.

St. Louis has earned the No. 16 pick in the NFL draft, and will also get Washington's first pick in the draft thanks to the trade that landed Robert Griffin III in the nation's capital. Until the draft, it will be a hopefully far less roller coaster-esque off-season for the Rams.