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NFL Free Agents: DeSean Jackson Would Be Coup For St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams could be active in NFL free agency in 2012—if they know what's good for Sam Bradford.

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Consider this a possible perfect storm of free agent acquisition: The St. Louis Rams fire Steve Spagnuolo, renowned far and wide for his Four Pillars of personal accountability, just in time for a certain star wide receiver slash diva—stop me if you've heard that one before—to become available after a down season. This year's star headcase: DeSean Jackson, coming off a down year in a disappointingly pedestrian Philadelphia Eagles offense.

Jackson's kind of the player the Rams hoped Donnie Avery would be: His catch rate is never going to impress—last year it was 56 percent, a career high, and the year before—when he led the NFL in yards per reception—it was only 49. But in a team that's been stuck with the likes of Danny Amendola as Sam Bradford's top target, the 26-year-old Jackson would make a major downfield difference.

Turf Show Times wonders if his emotional immaturity is enough for the Eagles to avoid using the franchise tag on him, and if it isn't the Rams should exorcise Spagnuolo once and for all and give him a shot. Unlike the Eagles, they have nothing to lose.