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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III Trade Dominates St. Louis Rams Mock

The 2012 NFL Mock Draft currently being conducted over at Turf Show Times—seeing as it's being conducted by a bunch of Rams fans—is perhaps most interesting when it talks about the St. Louis Rams, and when it came time for the Mock Rams to make the second overall pick in the draft... well, they didn't. The Mock Rams and Mock Washington Redskins got together and traded a first rounder and two second rounders—one next year—to deliever Robert Griffin III to a team that doesn't already have a franchise quarterback to deal with.

The Mock Rams haven't picked yet, and the constraints of this particular real-time mock draft—which is capped at two rounds—obviously complicates the question of compensation. But this much seems, to me, to be believable: The Redskins started Rex Grossman for 13 games last year. They're probably in the market for a franchise quarterback. If the Rams don't decide on Matt Kalil instead of trading down, this is a reasonable guess at where they'll end up.