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NFL Rumors: St. Louis Rams Could Hit Brandon Lloyd With Franchise Tag

In the immediate aftermath of Josh McDaniels's ungainly exit from the St. Louis Rams it seemed, if you knew your NFL rumors, like Brandon Lloyd was going to be a New England Patriot almost by default—McDaniels seemed almost to be his Svengali, and Lloyd had nothing holding him in St. Louis except a few games in which he tried to establish a rhythm with—well, A.J. Feeley and Kellen Clemens, mostly. Turf Show Times has another suggestion entirely: Use the much-maligned franchise tag on him.

In case the franchise tag confuses you as much as it does me: Teams get one a year, which allows them to offer, in the "exclusive" variety, a "franchise player"—it's odd to see that kind of thing turn into an actuarial designation, and not a sportswriting one—a one-year deal worth the result of an apparently complicated formula, as of last year's new CBA.

For wide receivers that's $9.4 million, significantly less than it was last year. It's a little absurd to think of Brandon Lloyd as Franchise Player of the St. Louis Rams, but that's contract negotiations will make absurdities of even the most venerable language.