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NFL Mock Draft 2012: As Combine Looms, St. Louis Rams Remain Active Traders

The NFL Combine is going to throw a wrench into the whole mock works—Robert Griffin III, among other St. Louis Rams options, will have a lot to say and do to affect the process—but that doesn't keep the 2012 NFL Mock Drafts from flowing right up to Combine week. In Ryan Van Bibber's final SB Nation mock draft pre-Combine, he has the Cleveland Browns trading up for Griffin and throwing Colt McCoy under the bus, as has usually been the case. But how much the Rams get in return—and whether it'll be worth losing out on Matt Kalil—will depend in large part on Griffin's Combine performance.

The Mock Rams, here, take St. Louis' least-favorite imaginable tack with the No. 4 pick, choosing Trent Richardson as Steven Jackson's medium-term replacement and leaving Sam Bradford without triple-A protection and pass-catching for another year. Justin Blackmon goes at sixth, to the Washington Redskins, while the Rams take OT Mike Adams at 22nd overall.

It's not the most exciting move short-term—and if you have the advanced-metric view of running backs in the increasingly pass-heavy NFL, it might not make much sense in the long term, either—but ahead of the NFL Combine, who knows any better? After this week we should have our best understanding yet of the Rams' plans and everybody else's.