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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon's 40 Time Won't Come At The NFL Combine

The NFL Combine will do a lot to reorder 2012 NFL Mock Drafts over the rest of the week, but if you were looking for Justin Blackmon's 40 time to dictate his position in a draft where the St. Louis Rams might trade out of No. 2 to select him, it looks like you'll have to wait until his Pro Day performance March 7; since he has everything to lose with a bad Combine performance, his handlers appear likely to hold him out of a timed run there.


Having spent much of last season covering the Rams' mock-pursuit of Julio Jones—right up to the moment he demolished all Combine expectations and clearly priced himself out of the Rams' No. 13 slot—I'm kind of happy to have the moment of intense disappointment, which seems inevitable no matter what Blackmon does, delayed a week or so. Right now the ideal situation for Rams watchability in 2012 seems to be that Blackmon falls just enough that they can select him after trading the second overall pick to some team that needs Robert Griffin III; if they can't do it, it seems to make more sense for them to pick up, say, Matt Kalil.