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Super Bowl 2012: Time, Channel, Odds, Ads, And More

Super Bowl 2012 time—XLVI, if you speak Latin—has come, and with it another round of Super Bowl commercials and discounted jars of salsa and corn chips. The New York Giants, the New England PatriotsAmericans: Are you ready for some being forced to care about football? A mandatory Sunday night party? If you aren't, I offer you this concise bundle of Super Bowl time, channel, odds, et cetera:

Time: 5:30 PM CST. Place: NBC, where, to be honest, they could really, really use the ratings. Odds: The New England Patriots are surprisingly slim favorites, despite having a four win advantage over the 9-7 Giants in the regular season. The possibility exists that betting services hate the Patriots nearly as much as Rams fans.

Commercials: Some Super Bowl ads are already streaming on the internet. Now is your chance to appear clairvoyant in front of your friends and acquaintances, which could be a good thing unless they decide you really are a psychic and it turns out they have mob ties and you have to predict the location of a bomb in the stadium before it goes off and if you excuse me I have a screenplay I have to go write now.