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Super Bowl Prop Bets 2012: The Worst Of The Weirdest

A few hours ago we looked at the best Super Bowl prop bets of 2012. Now: The worst Super Bowl prop bets of 2012. Once again with no eye toward making or losing money on these, because that's a terrible idea; for full odds breakdowns, check out SB Nation proper.


Which team will make the most field goals? I like this one because it's really asking, "Which Super Bowl team will bore you the most?" Will Madonna wear a hat at any point during the Halftime Show? I'm willing to give better odds on "Will Madonna wear something super weird at any point during the Halftime Show," to be honest. Las Vegas is only offering even money that Nicki Minaj will wear something made out of gumdrops.


Finally, Which will be higher? Ahmad Bradshaw's total receiving yards, or Chris Bosh's points against Toronto? Yes: Somehow, this is more of a non-sequitur than the Mitt Romney thing. Related prop bet: Which is usually higher? Mike Miller's volume of fanmail, or Chris Bosh's volume of fanmail mistakenly delivered to him but meant for LeBron James?