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Super Bowl Commercials: Chevy Volt Attracts Aliens, As Does Man's Wife

For the second year in a row I'm somewhat impressed by Chevrolet's ability to get its talking points across in a Super Bowl commercial that is also entertaining, but this year's ad—the 2012 Chevy Volt is so technologically advanced, aliens in a flying saucer show up in a man's garage to examine it—combines that with a weird subfeature: Aliens are apparently equally attracted to the Volt owner's wife. Earth women, beware:

I am a little weirded out about that. I think maybe you should be a little weirded out about it, too, especially if you are an earth woman. In the meantime, people who are still confused about the difference between the slow-selling Volt and the not-as-slow-selling Nissan Leaf now know that it can run entirely on electricity or with the assistance of a gas generator, and that it is supposed to be as exciting as a high-tech toy as it is a green accessory.

They also know not to let their wife out when they go after the aliens. Because those aliens are exactly as creepy as you might expect, even when you're not married to Gillian Anderson.