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Super Bowl Commercials: Chevy Volt Aliens Return (VIDEO)

For regular listeners of Coast to Coast AM, Chevrolet's new Chevy Volt Super Bowl commercials offer the greatest enticement yet to spend thirty-something thousand dollars on a car with 40 miles of electric range and a gas generator: If you do so, you will see aliens. And they will tell their alien friends about it, and so on. (Watch the first commercial, in which aliens hit on a Volt owner's wife, here.)

I'd be interested in a spin-off Super Bowl ad where these aliens, who already possess the ability to fly through space, have to use somebody's iPhone to call their friends, but that's probably not in Apple's current ad vernacular. In any case, I really do think this is a good way to explain the Volt's vaguely confusing business model without releasing an especially condescending commercial.

To humans, at least. I'm sure aliens find these commercials impossibly condescending. But they'll have to find a human being with an HDTV in his garage if they want to see them, so it shouldn't be a problem. (Did they find a guy with a garage-door opener first? The world-building on these remains confusing to me.)