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Groupon Super Bowl Ads Actually Weren't That Bad (Video)

Poor Groupon. A year ago they went out of their way to make a daring Super Bowl commercial, and everybody finally decided that that was the Super Bowl in which they were going to say—no, too much! Forget about GoDaddy’s creepily exploitive will-she-won’t-she-take-her-top-off ads—an ad in which self-important B celebrities pretend to care about self-important-b-celebrity-magnet causes was just too much.

Assuming, then, that LivingSocial doesn’t run an ad in which Roger Clemens goes to Arab Spring Training, my last attempt to convince you, the people, that Groupon’s Super Bowl commercials last year were more funny than awful: They are not making fun of Tibetan people.

They aren’t even exploiting Tibetan people. They’re just making a light comment—one I find kind of amusing—about celebrities you don’t care about pushing causes they don’t particularly care about for their own personal benefit. Timothy Hutton and Cuba Gooding, Jr.! Come on, guys! Leverage and Snow Dogs!

While I’m defending them, though, I should offer a disclaimer: I have never once found something interesting sold for a good price on Groupon.