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Super Bowl 2012: Europe Pretty Much Ignores Football For Chelsea Vs. Manchester United

It is Super Bowl Sunday. Like most human beings in the United States of America on February 5, 2012, I have spent an outsized proportion of my day thinking about that. For perspective, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you, me, and the other human Americans that in Europe, where I believe they call football American-Rules Soccer, they’re busy watching Chelsea vs. Manchester United, a Premier League contest-to-end-all-contests.

I realized that when my good friend Ahearn Alley, a pseudonymous contributor at Bring on the Cats and a fan of making people feel inadequate for not liking The World’s Favorite Sport, asked me if I was watching football at this very moment and did not mean to suggest I watch the Rams lose to the Patriots in 2001 all over again. (Because he’s not a terrible person.)

He even had a built-in, Super Bowl-related storyline to suggest: Chelsea, a less-storied big-city franchise in blue, taking on Manchester United, a widely loved and hated squad in red. If that means what I think it means, good news! The New England Patriots are losing 3-2 right now!