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Super Bowl 2012: New York Giants Written In The Stars, A Million World Series Away

St. Louis Cardinals fans watching Super Bowl XLVI just had an unexpected flashback: The New York Giants chose Tinie Tempah’s “Written in the Stars,” heretofore most famous for its use as the official FOX song of the 2011 World Series, as their run-out-onto-the-field-and-get-pumped song.

Cardinals fans were disappointed to learn that David Freese was not involved in any other capacity.

Odd fact: As famous as that hook has become, the rapper whose song it’s in, Mr. Tempah, hardly ever gets a word in edgewise on promos. I’m relatively certain I’ll never know exactly what he sounds like, despite hearing his song every day of October and having it stuck in my head every day for a while after that. Wikipedia tells me he’s English, and that his album is titled Disc-Overy, which, seriously?

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