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Super Bowl Commercials (Video): Hyundai Joins Regular Guy A Cappella Trend

If there’s one persistent advertising trend in the last five years, besides brands that wish they were Old Spice, it’s this: Regular-guy a cappella. People in an office ba-ba-ba-ing a song is as hilarious, apparently, to ad executives as men dressed like women are to British people. The latest signer-on, Hyundai, adds a Gen-X ironized cultural song for added impact, using “Gonna Fly Now” to represent their refusal to back down, their determination to Find A Way, at all costs, to make people forget they made the Hyundai Excel.

The verdict: It’s an okay ad! You won’t not hate it! (The video is available on their YouTube page.)

But I wish ad execs would get to work on starting some new trends; there’s only so much juice left in the a cappella fruit. And if I see that Dr. Pepper Is For Cool Dudes Only Just Kidding But Seriously Old Spice knockoff one more time I’m going to self-immolate in the name of killing irony forever.