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Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light Platinum One Metal Better Than Regular Bud Light

I have to give the art director types points: Bud Light's first Super Bowl commercial of 2012 is less tacky and bro-filled than their usual ads, and choosing "Run Away's" intro is an inspired choice. But "Bud Light Platinum" is the laziest naming-scheme in the history of lazy naming schemes, especially when the bottle is blue. Consider:

American Express Platinum is platinum-colored. It is one better than Gold, which is one better than—well, Green, but there is, nevertheless, a metal-based hierarchy being established, here. (It's two better than zinc!) Bud Light Platinum is one unit of measurement better than Bud Light—which I'm sure they will tell you is also really great.

Why does it exist? Because Bud Light wants more of your money, and is choosing to try to cut it from their existing customer base instead of getting involved in the hipster-filled, increasingly big-corporation-unfriendly world of craft beers and local specialties. They're hoping, I guess, that people who have more money will decide that they can no longer be seen drinking regular Bud Light, but in my experience the people in this market who have more money just buy greater volumes of Natty Light instead.