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2012 Super Bowl Score: Tom Brady Safety Intentionally Grounds Giants To 2-0 Lead

That sound you here is Las Vegas making all its money: The first points of Super Bowl XLVI came on a safety, the product of Tom Brady’s unlikely brand of downfield intentional grounding, leaving the New York Giants up 2-0 on the New England Patriots in the first quarter. Justin Tuck’s pressure forced the call, which caused great joy in the more vengeful sections of St. Louis tonight.

The Giants saw mixed results in their first offensive drive, getting downfield on some nice passes before they couldn’t keep Eli Manning off the ground. But I’m willing to bet that if they force a safety every time Tom Brady touches the ball, they’ll be in good shape for their second Super Bowl win against the Patriots in as many vengeful St. Louis Rams fan situations.

For more Super Bowl updates, including all the complaints you could possibly want about this year’s Super Bowl commercials, follow along on the SB Nation St. Louis Super Bowl story stream. I promise not to stop typing until my fingers fall off or the Super Bowl is over, possibly by a score of 2-0.