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Super Bowl Commercials Video: Budweiser Prohibition Ad Reminds Us Of Terrible Time When People Couldn't Get Wasted

I realize that overly sentimental and dramatic Super Bowl commercials are a fact of life, but Budweiser's cinematic celebration of the repeal of prohibition—set to the sounds of The Natural—might be the most ridiculous one in recent memory. Watch it first; it looks great.

Now, your political mileage may vary, but so far as I can tell this is an ad about how life-affirming it was that we as humans were unable to successfully eradicate a drug that has huge external costs to our society at large that the companies making it usually spend on dramatic and sentimental ads designed to sell you more of that harmful drug.

Prohibition was—and really should always have been seen as—a terrible idea. But celebrating the fact that there's no way to make it work strikes me as a less than ideal resolution to a less than ideal chapter in our nation's history. I also like the characterization of prohibition "denying people Budweiser," as though the constitutional amendment mentions "Drinkability" by name.

But the clydesdales finally got to carry something other than Bevo! And that guy had a biplane! So no doubt that was great.