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Worst Super Bowl Commercials: GoDaddy Basically Does Schmitt's Gay Beer Straight

GoDaddy has cornered the market for terrible Super Bowl commercials again in 2012, but their fourth quarter ad might have hit new levels of braindead. Made to promote cloud computing, it's basically a remake of that hilarious Schmitt's Gay Beer commercial, only played straight and straight and even dumber. In fact, let's just watch that Schmitt's Gay Beer commercial instead of the GoDaddy one:

Isn't that commercial great? And isn't GoDaddy terrible? That's really all there is to say about that. If you register your domain from GoDaddy, you are subsidizing Danica Patrick's lost weekend and the production of the dumbest, most degrading Super Bowl commercials in the world. Not degrading to women, or Danica Patrick, or minorities, or anything—just degrading to humanity, because one human has convinced other humans that yet more humans will be convinced to buy a domain name by the prospect of seeing some women almost get naked on the internet, where women are naked by default.

But Schmitt's Gay Beer—I mean, that's still great.