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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Why The St. Louis Rams Might Not Trade Down

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For St. Louis Rams fans the 2012 NFL Mock Draft season has meant two options, seen in nearly equal quantities: Either their boys draft Matt Kalil second overall and give Sam Bradford the pass-protection he was supposed to have last year, or they trade the No. 2 pick to some team that wants Robert Griffin III for multiple picks and maybe Justin Blackmon. At Turf Show Times Ryan Van Bibber gives the best reason yet to believe the Rams won't trade down.


Put simply, the Rams' market for RGIII might not be nearly as broad as it's supposed to be. If Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn run interference on the rebuilding teams in need of quarterbacks, and the Cleveland Browns have second thoughts about going full-Clausen on Colt McCoy, that's just about it; the Rams have no choice but to protect their quarterback, instead of giving him somebody to throw to.


That's not as exciting as Justin Blackmon and some other picks—especially with Jason Smith looming large in our collective conscious—but it might not be the worst move, especially with Bradford stuck learning a third offense in three years.