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Brandon Lloyd, St. Louis Rams Set Up Josh McDaniels Free Agent Contingencies

The NFL rumor mill has churned out stories about Brandon Lloyd's unconditional love for Josh McDaniels since it was supposed to be what was keeping him with the St. Louis Rams for life—now, with the New England Patriots not yet certain they'd like McDaniels's captive wide receiver after all, the Rams and his agent will now offer a backup plan for all the rumor-mongers looking for stories to display in contrast to the McDaniels narrative. Turf Show Times has done the legwork.


Lloyd's price with the franchise tag—$9.4 million—is likely too high for the Rams, but if the Patriots prove less-than-interested in Lloyd he might come down into the Rams' range. And if he comes down into the Rams' range, pressure to select a wide receiver or other playmaker for Sam Bradford's benefit in the 2012 NFL Draft will come down. And if enough of these "and ifs" happen, is where I'm going, the Rams might score enough points as soon as 2012 to make watching them every week something better than unbearable.