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Robert Griffin III Trade Means The End Of St. Louis Rams' Non-Existent Quarterback Controversy

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So: The St. Louis Rams have traded what amounts to Robert Griffin III for the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, two more first-rounders, and a second rounder. It’s a great haul for a team that needs more than one player and zero additional quarterbacks… and it also means the end of the non-existent quarterback controversy that pitted RGIII against the Rams’ savior-in-residence, Sam Bradford.

At SB Nation St. Louis we did our own hey-why-not stoking, asking why the Rams wouldn’t just select RGIII after all, and while the question creates some interesting thought experiments, the logistics are really just too much to deal with.

Now all that’s over: The Washington Redskins are done with Rex Grossman, and the Rams are all in on Bradford, who will get all the young talent he can reasonably expect if the Rams do a half-decent job of drafting with their forthcoming haul. Having taken one last minute to wonder what might have been, I’m more than happy with what’s actually happened.

For more on the trade, follow our NFL Draft story stream. Here’s more on the Rams and Redskins’ draft swap: