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NFL Mock Draft 2012: St. Louis Rams Could Use Redskins' Pick On Morris Claiborne

It’s finally happened, 2012 NFL Mock Draft writers—after months of wearying yourselves with speculation about whether the St. Louis Rams would trade the second overall pick to a team looking for Robert Griffin III, they’ve reportedly done it, trading down with the Washington Redskins for a sixth overall pick that’s been connected with them all along. Among the picks being suggested for that spot: Morris Claiborne.

In the latest SB Nation Mock Draft, of course, Claiborne actually ends up with the Cleveland Browns, the jilted RG3 lovers of the last few weeks, leaving the Rams with the even-more-speculated-about Justin Blackmon.

The Rams could certainly use a cornerback, given the wrecking ball that went through their defensive backfield last year, but they might have traded down a little too far to use their new pick on the most coveted corner in this year’s draft. Of course, this is why they made the trade in the first place: Now if they can’t fill all their needs in April, there’ll be another chance next year.

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