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Report: Peyton Manning Fanfiction Being Written By Denver Broncos Reporter

This just in, from the side of the world that doesn't think the Washington Redskins will sign Peyton Manning: A Denver Broncos reporter can imagine Peyton Manning being bowled over by scenic Colorado. (I live in Fort Collins, and I will admit that between March and November it's pretty lovely.) Luckily, he can't just imagine it—he can imagine it in Twitter-fanfiction form:


"It's beautiful," Peyton said. "So beautiful. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can live anywhere I want—really, as many places as I want—but the deck of this Denver-area Holiday Inn is perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever been. And this coffee was free! I just had to make it!"


"It always is." Tim Tebow's voice carried softly through the screen door.


"Tim, man—wanna go to the pool? It's indoors!"


"Beautiful," Tim said. "The mountains, I mean. So beautiful—not like the people. People will turn on you, Peyton, but the mountains—they're always here, always facing you. I'm glad they're... the last thing you'll ever see."