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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rams-Redskins Trade And Peyton Manning Uncertainty Reshape Draft

The St. Louis Rams’ decision to trade the second overall pick for the Washington Redskins’ next three first round picks (and change) wasn’t exactly unexpected by the 2012 NFL Mock Draft cognoscenti, but now that it’s finally happened weeks of speculative mock drafts can go all in on the Rams’ No. 6 pick. No more worrying about whether Justin Blackmon would be a reach at number two—now we can worry about whether he’ll be available at number six! Meanwhile, the teams who can no longer hope to select Robert Griffin III have to consider selecting… Peyton Manning.

WalterFootball has the Rams selecting Blackmon in their latest mock draft, with two other competitors for the Rams’ good graces, Morris Claiborne and Trent Richardson, going directly ahead of the sixth overall pick.

With the Rams’ ability to fill holes through the next few drafts effectively doubled, Blackmon makes considerably more sense than he did a few weeks ago. If the Rams see him available at sixth, it seems like they won’t hesitate to take him.