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NFL Rumors 2012: Jason Jones Visiting Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams Contract No Done Deal

The St. Louis Rams were rumored to be ready to sign free agent Tennessee Titans DT Jason Jones Tuesday night, but Wednesday afternoon it looks like little progress has been made—Jones is visiting the Seattle Seahawks, a worst-case scenario for the Rams. It would be tough to lose your new DT at the same moment your NFC West rivals gain one, but that’s just how fast things can turn in NFL free agency.

The Rams still seem to be the front-runners on Jones, but the race has definitely opened up—at this point even the Titans seem to be back in the picture. The Rams’ primary advantage there seems to be their willingness to play Jones at DT full-time; the Titans would still prefer to see him split time between DT and DE.

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