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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon-St. Louis Rams Rumors Drown Out Other Options

Back when the St. Louis Rams had the second overall pick in the draft they were linked to all kinds of players—but ever since they traded their Robert Griffin III rights to the Washington Redskins the 2012 NFL Mock Draft establishment has settled, permanently, around the Rams selecting Justin Blackmon with the sixth pick overall. The latest people to make that pick: Both of's mock drafters.

Blackmon certainly makes more sense now that the Rams are outside the top five, but I think the most important realization has been that with two extra first-rounders and a spare second-rounder they'll be able to fill some of the less flashy positions even as they get Sam Bradford his long-awaited number-one option at wide receiver. Help on the offensive line is crucial, but with the RG3 trade in the books the Rams now have three extra chances to get it over the next three years.

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