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NFL Free Agency 2012: Mario Manningham, St. Louis Rams Do Some Negotiating

The St. Louis Rams and Mario Manningham have seemed like a superficially solid fit since 2012 NFL free agency season began, but it's only now that we know there's some fire behind that speculation: The Rams and Manningham have met, according to recent reports, giving the Rams a route to the Super Bowl hero and the Super Bowl hero a chance to be a number-one receiver by default in an offense built around a supposedly brilliant young quarterback.

Manningham isn't a number one receiver, but he is a deep threat who could pass for one in an offense that has, to date, been dominated by Danny Amendola. He's better than Mike Sims-Walker, and on a personal level Manningham won't have a chance to put up bigger numbers anywhere else, even if the Rams do draft Justin Blackmon.

Here're some hand-picked SB Nation St. Louis stories that have a bearing on the Rams' wide receiver plans: