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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Only Number One Option For Rams, Per Experts

The St. Louis Rams have been connected to Justin Blackmon so frequently in 2012 NFL Mock Draft updates since their Robert Griffin III-driven trade with the Washington Redskins that it's hard to imagine them picking anybody else. But it isn't just inertia that's driving the Blackmon bandwagon; the fact is, according to Charley Casserly, that Blackmon is the only real No. 1 wide receiver in this year's draft.

I'm sure Michael Floyd might disagree, but unless the Rams do to they're going to have a hard time passing up a true No. 1 option for Sam Bradford to throw to, especially given their inability to pick one up in free agency. This is the kind of draft luxury they can afford now that they're spending money on upgrading the defense and have the pick volume to upgrade, say, the offensive line. It wasn't true when that No. 2 pick could have been spent on Matt Kalil and Matt Kalil alone, but the market for Griffin forced the issue. To the Rams' possibly significant benefit.

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