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NFL Rumors 2012: Mario Manningham To St. Louis Rams Still In Play, Also In Doubt

Twitter has, as one of its unfortunate side-effects, the tendency to amplify NFL rumors into near-sure-things on a moment-by-moment basis. Mario Manningham to the St. Louis Rams is the latest example. For a few hours Friday afternoon it looked like the former New York Giants receiver's move to Sam Bradford's beleaguered stable of Rams receivers was little more than a formality; by the end of the day we had Howard Balzer go from sure-thing to deny-deny-deny. The most optimistic tweet, at that point, came from Tony Softli, who was considerably more reserved:

Saturday morning it looks like Mario Manningham still makes a lot of sense with the Rams, and that his visit Friday means both sides are still clearly interested. Beyond that, it's difficult to tell just how far along they really are—only that it's not as far along as we thought a day ago.

More on the Rams' on-again off-again wide receiver relationships, hand-picked from SB Nation St. Louis:

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