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NFL Rumors 2012: Mario Manningham's St. Louis Rams Visit Continues, Still No Contract

The St. Louis Rams and Mario Manningham continued their long-rumored courtship Saturday as NFL free agency rolled into the weekend, but no contract seemed imminent Saturday afternoon—even as the Rams signed Kendall Langford and lost out on Jason Jones things seemed quiet on the Manningham front—no matter how long he’ll be in Rams Park.

The rumors Friday that the Rams and Manningham were near agreement on a contract take on a new flavor—as zombie rumors, I guess—now that we know Manningham’s been around for two days; it’s hard to believe they aren’t in the middle of negotiating something.

But nothing’s leaked, and until it does it’s hard to corroborate those earlier reports. Two things are for sure: The Rams, at this late date, aren’t going to find many wide receivers in free agency better than Mario Manningham, and Mario Manningham isn’t going to find another situation in which he could be more important in an offense than the Rams’.

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