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NFL Rumors 2012: Seattle Seahawks, Matt Flynn Have A Missed Connection

The Seattle Seahawks have been peripheral contenders in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, and NFL rumors of late had been connecting them with Matt Flynn, the Green Bay Packers' erstwhile backup quarterback and this year's winner of the Kevin Kolb/Matt Schaub award for backup quarterbacks (whose names usually rhyme) who go on to relative fortune in free agency after a small sample size.

But it looks like the Seahawks will do without Air-All Flynn—they didn't offer him a contract on his visit over the weekend, so if they're going to replace Tarvaris Jackson it's going to have to be Peyton Manning or some less-trendy backup quarterback turned top free agent.

As for Flynn, he seems likelier than not to take his talent to South Beach, where the Miami Dolphins are offering a multi-year deal and a binding agreement to assassinate any journalist who makes a LeBron joke. Myself included.

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