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NFL Mock Draft 2012: St. Louis Rams Could Protect Sam Bradford With 1st Round Pick

The St. Louis Rams have been connected to Justin Blackmon with the No. 6 pick in so many 2012 NFL Mock Draft prognostications of late that it's easy to forget that before their big Washington Redskins trade barely a week ago they were constantly connected to Matt Kalil at No. 2 overall. Thanks to Robert Griffin III's big season the Mock Rams appear to have forgotten about poor Sam Bradford entirely.

At Rams Herd, they haven't forgotten. Enter: Stanford guard David Decastro, who went 14th in the latest SB Nation mock draft to protect the Dallas Cowboys' investment Tony Romo. Rams Herd makes a compelling argument—one centered around Decastro's talent relative to his position, which is a different and better concept than drafting for need—and you should read it.

For all that, I'm not sure if I can see the Rams making a leap like that in the first year of the new regime. Signing Pro Bowl center Scott Wells (himself a seventh-rounder) might be the extent of their full-bore investment in the offensive line—at least for now.

More draft coverage from SB Nation St. Louis, the official web site of Justin Blackmon going sixth overall: