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NFL Free Agency: Seattle Seahawks Sign Matt Flynn After All; Peyton Manning Derby Continues

The NFC West quarterback situation just got a little more certain: The Seattle Seahawks have signed their second young quarterback in as many years, spurning the Peyton Manning contest in favor of a three-year deal for Matt Flynn, the backup darling of 2012 NFL free agency. The former Packers backup, 27 next year, has gone 82-for-132 for 1015 yards, nine touchdowns, and five interceptions in a four-year career that’s seen him manage just two starts. He’ll make a much better lead-foil for the St. Louis Rams’ rivals than Tarvaris Jackson a year before.

The other floating pieces of the NFC West’s quarterback picture remain hazy, thanks to the San Francisco 49ers—erstwhile starter Alex Smith was supposed to be considering the Seahawks at the same time, while Peyton Manning continues to judge between several enormous offers.

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